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Tracker Boazu terrain navigator

Tracker Boazu terrain navigator

Additional information
Tracker Boazu – the terrain map and navigation software functions in the user’s own mobile phone. In addition, the software and the tracking services it contains extend to the Internet. Tracker Boazu shows the user  and various elements that are of interest to the user, on a map. With Tracker Boazu, you can track reindeer on a detailed terrain map. The service also includes Internet service, which enables webtracking.
  • From your Tracker Boazu, you can temporarily set the collar to send location information more frequently, e.g. once every minute
  • In addition to seeing you own position on map, you see:
    • Areas that you draw on the map
    • Ranchborders
    • Your own as well as your reindeers’, dogs’ and friends’ tracks
    • Additional track data of your own as well as your reindeers’, dogs’ and friends’ movement, such as speed and distance.


  • Tracker Boazu is the ideal tool for hunting dog tracking
    • Your friends, your dogs and the hunting group’s dogs – in real-time, ”Live”
    • Points of interest you choose to save in the software (sightings, spots where you took down game etc.)
    • Additional information about dogs’ activities, such as barking, speed, average speed etc.

The maps from your hunting area are automatically downloaded to your mobile phone. The map scales depend on the country you are in. We have maps available from nine different countries.

With Tracker Boazu you can track the following devices:

  • Tracker Boazu (recommended)
  • Tracker G400 (recommended)
  • Tracker 310i
  • Pointer collars
Other functions and specification:
  • In case of an emergency, you can send alarm messages with one push of a button.
  • You receive a weather forecast from the exact location you want (Tracker Weather by Foreca). Weather shows the forecast hour by hour with special emphasis on information that is beneficial for you; wind, rain and temperature.
  • Navigate to a target you have saved and chosen (friend, dog, car, cabin)
  • Tracker Boazu runs in the most common Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung smart phones.
  • Telematic Proxy is an additional service that enables you to track old Tracker devices as well as devices made by other manufacturers (Ultrapoint). It is included in certain licenses (Super and Classic) and can be purchased separately for the other licenses.
  • All data (tracks, targets, lines) is stored on the memory card of the mobile phone. From there the data can be copied to a PC and furthermore to another mobile phone that runs Tracker Boazu.
  • Tracker Boazu utilizes GPRS network for downloading maps and Tracker Live –activities. For tracking and locating, TH utilizes both GPRS and GSM networks. In places where mobile network is totally absent, you can still see your own position on a terrain map and navigate in the wilderness.